Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another Cold Race

The temperature was in the mid-twenties when the race director started the hundred or so runners participating in this morning’s Santa’s Sleigh 5K. Braedon and I stayed near the back of the pack for the first half-mile, waiting to find our stride until there was room to safely maneuver. With the exception of about a twenty-five yard grass crossing, the course was all pavement and mostly flat, which made for some fast times. I was surprised when we reached the first mile marker in only 7:30, as we usually do not run that fast. Braedon enjoyed seeing the many runners in Santa, or elf, attire and was especially fond of the runners wearing bells. Because there was not a significant wind, the cool temperature did not bother me, and in fact, I felt pretty good. We covered the course in 22:07, faster than expected, which is why Mom wasn’t ready with the camera when we approached the finish line. She is the smart one in our family and stayed inside during the race.
Great job, hi-five!
After the race we did some Christmas shopping and my wife and I are now well aware that the terrible-twos have nothing on a three-year-old’s tantrum…


Perplexed said...

Just stopping by.
Sounds like an awesome family day!
Any suggestions for running in the cold. I am dying..... LOL
New to running and cold / what a way to start.

elvoy said...

Hi Perplexed. Thanks for visiting. For an enjoyable cold weather run, be sure to start out slow to allow your muscles to fully warm up. Wear layers, and keep moving. Best of luck with your new running regime.

Barry said...

Nice work, gentlemen!