Saturday, March 28, 2009

A New Runner!

Regularly having blisters on my feet, blackened and/or missing toenails, and after watching me hobble around the house for a few days after last week’s race, why would anyone in my house want to start running? Well, I had to ask my wife that question yesterday when she got back from a run.

Braedon greets Mom returning from a run

She said she wanted to begin an exercise program and thought that running could be an activity that we do together. While she did make it very clear that I would not be gaining a new training partner for twenty-plus mile runs, I am happy for her and hope she learns to appreciate running as I have. The boys and I are cheering for her. One last piece of wisdom for her; the blisters don’t hurt that bad, and the blackened/missing toenails look way worse than they actually feel.


Barry said...

Way to go Mrs!
Perhaps she could start her own blog!

Blackened and missing toenails? I am tempted to stick with 5k races and nothing longer after that visual! I didn't know body parts could fall off from running! ;)

Perplexed said...

WOO WOO/ Way to Go Mrs Elvoy!
Will be happy to hear her updates as well.

To Barry and the comment,
"I didn't know body parts could fall off from running".

I am pretty sure my buttocks fell off on the treadmill the other day. Hence me running with my hands on my heiny. (It was numb).

Way to go - Running family. that is awesome!

Runner Tammy said...


It is really neat that your wife is starting to run. You guys definitely should run together occasionally. My husband, Tristan and I run together about once a week and of course he occasionally paces me at ultra's. In fact I think he mentioned next week we'll be running 12.5 miles of Umstead together.

Happy Running

P.S. Congrats on your HAT 50 km, way to go!

Fooseberry said...

Good Work Mrs Elvoy!
My husband wishes me well as he sits in his recliner watching Nascar-LOL! Somebody has to watch the kids I guess.
I had heard about the nails falling off but I have never heard how many miles it takes to actually run your toenails off. I agree with Perplexed right now I am happier to be running my butt off.
Wish her well for me.

elvoy said...

Barry, Perplexed, Fooseberry - "Mrs. Elvoy" thanks you for the encouragement and we both thank you for the funny comments!

Runner Tammy - Thank you! You are an incredible runner. Best of luck at next weekend's Umstead 100. And that is cool that your husband will be pacing you for part of it.