Sunday, April 5, 2009


My left IT band is still causing soreness after only a mile or so of running, so I will be taking the next several days off. This changes my goals for next month’s Delaware Marathon. I was never anticipating running a personal record at Delaware, but I was planning to run strong and run faster during the second half of the race. How strong I am able to run remains to be seen and my biggest goal is now to complete the race so that I can again donate my finisher’s medal to Medals4Mettle.

Aside from the mental blues, one of the challenges of adjusting to less running is to recognize when I should be full. My eyes and stomach are telling me to eat as if I were still running thirty-five miles a week, while actually running less than ten miles the past couple of weeks means I’m gaining weight. Not too much, but a little. I guess I’m just storing up some extra energy for when I’m really able to run a long, long way.

Not running over the weekend has given me more time to pay attention (or cross-train) to the needed yard work. I mowed the lawn yesterday for the first time this year. We also enjoyed a visit from a Red-bellied Woodpecker.


Fooseberry said...

Sorry to hear about the injury but I am happy to see the new heading photo.
Both the babies and the green grass makes me smile!

Perplexed said...

Love the photo!
Get well soon and you will be back running amuck, enjoy the time off with the family.

elvoy said...

Thank you!

Runner Tammy said...

Hi Brian,

I am sorry to hear about your IT band issues. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

I will look forward to meeting you at the Delaware Marathon in just over a month.


Barry said...

Great title image!

Hope you are on the mend and able to get back out soon.

elvoy said...

Tammy - Thank you. And Excellent! I'll meet you next month.

Barry - glad to see you are still out and about in the virtual world while your computer is restored.

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