Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Go Huskies!

My left leg is still slightly sore, but I feel it is getting better. If this continues, perhaps as soon as Friday, I’ll try some easy running. Work has kept be busy this week, and tomorrow will be another busy day. I got home almost two hours later than normal tonight. My wife greeted me at the door, then left for a run/walk with Joe Louis, while I stayed home with the boys; one sleeping, and one screaming. The highlight of my day was an email from my wife with this picture attached.

Brenden is wearing a Michigan Tech Huskies shirt. Michigan Tech, which is located on a peninsula on Lake Superior and is a dumping ground for lake effect snow, is where I went to college. My wife is from the Virginia Beach area, and although we lived in Michigan while I attended MTU, the snow in our town on Lake Michigan was nothing but a dusting compared to that of MTU. The one and only time my wife visited MTU was for my graduation. It was May 10. It snowed. Ice still covered vast portions Lake Superior. She was not impressed, and that, in part, is why we now reside in balmy Maryland.


Barry said...

Well, it's Friday. Any running? Hope you are feeling better.

It snowed the day after my graduation in upstate New York as I recall. I could guess fairly well just how much snow we had on the ground based on the sound of the plow that was going by the residence hall. The little pick up truck, a foot or less. The big old plow truck, 2+ feet. Ah, the good old days.

elvoy said...

Hi Barry - I got a run in today...still a little sore. Patience is the key.

The car to snowmobile traffic ratio is inversely proportional to the depth of snow:)

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